Septic Systems and Water Purification Filters

Water purification filters are something to give thought to especially when considering the safety of your family’s drinking water.  A few months ago I read an article addressing the drugs that get into the sewer system and eventually make their way into our drinking water.  It was surprised to say the least.  Every drug type imaginable was found to be positive in our drinking water, and even in minute amounts drugs can affect not only your family but your septic systems which functions on essential bacteria forum in the septic system.

Now with more and more people taking an environmental approach, it made since to take a closer look and consider all the facts affecting my family’s health and my septic system.

 After researching the subject, I came to the conclusion that we needed a water filtration system capable of filtering out drug residue safeguarding against freshwater contamination and the negative effect on the septic system.  The only problem was deciding what system to buy.  There are several manufactures producing many types and styles of filtration systems not to mention the different price categories.  Every manufacture claims to be the “best” so it was a bit overwhelming when considering what system is the best fit for my family.

The web, of course, is an excellent source of information. Do the comparison online. Search out forums and message boards for the best system that fits your individual requirements.

 There are many ways to purify water.  Some of these are distillation, carbon absorption, reverse osmosis, and even ultraviolet rays which sound a little intimidating.  Each one of these things had something to its disadvantage.  Some systems used huge amounts of energy, some didn’t remove enough of what was contaminating the water, yet others cost too much and needed too high maintenance.

After extensive research, filtration seemed to be the most economical and affordable option available. The system would filter out the toxic drug and medication residue that was contaminating my family’s water supply, killing off the beneficial bacteria essential to the digestion process of my septic system.

Finding a system with low maintenance and high performance is possible when taking the time to research all available options. The cost of system maintaining a water filtration system will vary depending on the system you choose.  This new filtration system costs only approximately nine cents a gallon on average to operate where older less efficient systems can run over twenty five cents a gallon.  Quite a difference!  The newer systems are not only more efficient and reliable then the older model, they are capable of removing chemicals such as Salt, Benzene plus Cysts and MTBE more efficiently the older outdated systems.

So do your own research and compare products. Educate yourself as to what filter system is best for your particular needs. Homeowners with septic tanks will need to be especially cautious when considering a water filtration system design. Homes equipped with salt based water softeners can have a devastating impact on beneficial bacterial counts, beneficial bacteria essential to maintaining the integrity of a septic system must be protected. Ensure the water softener renewing cycle does not drain into the septic system. Ensure the water filter is effective in filtering out salt.

Do the research and invest in the best system that fits your needs. Investing in the proper system can save you thousands in the long run. Just consider the replacement cost of a septic system. This alone can set a homeowner back thousands of dollars in septic system repairs, in a worst case scenario, a complete septic system replacement? Take your time when considering a water filtration system. The time spent shopping around will save you thousands in the long run.