Septic additives do help cesspools

For the longest time, you have been an avid practitioner of monthly treatments on your cesspool. You have known all along that septic additives do help cesspools. Doing so has definitely made your life a lot easier and healthier. As a busy businessman, you rely on your septic expert when it comes to maintaining your cesspool. You believe that he is the most knowledgeable person who knows what to do in prolonging the lifespan of your family’s wastewater treatment system. A lesson has definitely been learned on your part when it comes to caring for your cesspool properly. For years, you have neglected it because of the sheer belief that all it needed was some yeast and vegetable peelings and it would be all set forever. When your septic system failed, your entire property perished. You had to move into your mother’s home for weeks until all the wastewater and septic odors were cleared off inside and outside your home. It was a nightmare for all of you, especially your kids. They had to take two bus rides to get to school. When you all went back home, you decided that the incident would never ever happen again.

Your septic expert talked seriously with you after what had happened and got you to promise to dedicate yourself in maintaining your cesspool system the right way. He presented a list of treatment schedules that you would have to observe so that your cesspool would be kept running smoothly. There was no point in letting the same cesspool failure happen again. Your septic expert told you that septic additives should be administered into your system during treatments. This was to ensure that the flow of the cesspool system is kept smooth, without any clogging possibilities.

Some experts say that there is absolutely no need to put additives into your cesspool. They said that it wasn’t advisable because the mere dumping of human waste could already deliver the necessary enzymes to improve the breakdown of solid wastes. This is a much safer way for the system itself and the surrounding environment as well. Septic additives are substances that are of three types: inorganic, organic, and biological. The safest to use among the three is the biological additive. It is the bacteria and the enzymes present in the biological additives that bring all the benefits to the system. Inorganic additives are the strong bases and acids that are very harsh to the cesspool and to the resident bacteria. Organic additives like baking soda and yeast can be quite harsh and should not be used for a long time.

Septic additives that are bacteria and environment-friendly should be the ones used, so that you will be able to get the most out of your system. Bacteria are the main players in the wastewater treatment system. Without them, the solid waste materials will not be broken down and the effluent will not be rid of pathogens and contaminants. This is why the right additives should be administered. You should make sure that the bacteria will be able to do their function well. In doing this, the environment should not perish as well. Biological additives do not have harmful chemicals that seep out into the surrounding bodies of water. So, septic additives do help cesspools is a general consensus among plumbers.

You’re a businessman and you wanted all your investments to be long lasting. This proves that the money and the time that you have poured onto that investment are really worth it. It is the same with your home. You have allotted a great deal of money in the construction and improvement of your home. And this includes your cesspool system. It is only natural for you to prepare a certain amount for each area of the house. If your garage needed to be cleaned up, so did your cesspool. And with the helpful septic additives, you can be sure that you will be able to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that you won’t wake up to cesspool odors or raw sewage. The word should be spread that septic additives do help cesspools.