Will hydrogen peroxide harm raised mounds?

This article will help the reader to better understand the age old question of will hydrogen peroxide harm raised mounds. You held your breath the moment you knew that you had a raised mound for your septic system. Well, the raised mound is known to be extra sensitive because it is an unconventional type of septic system. It is elevated or raised. It is a mound for a septic system. It is mandatory to be installed in a property that had a high water table. Not every homeowner is crazy about it but who are you to complain when your water table is high? You just have to deal with it. Like the conventional septic system, you have to maintain and care for the raised mound.

It is not like the usual septic system that is under the surface of the soil and could contain all that heat from the bacterial metabolism that goes on in there. For the raised mound, you have to regulate the heat with the help of a construction fabric. This special fabric should be checked before the cold season comes because if it is deteriorated when snow falls, the system will freeze over and fail. You wouldn’t want to wade in wastewater in your heated home, right? It is also necessary for you to have your raised mound treated and cleaned. It is not a secret that raised mounds are subjected to wastes and that harmful pathogens accumulate in there as well. 

Among the many raised mound cleaning products that are out in the market, only a few are formulated to really give instant results at a low price. If you want an economical, fast-acting, raised mound friendly additive, then you have to consider hydrogen peroxide. Will hydrogen peroxide harm raised mounds? In knowledgeable and skilled hands… NO. So make sure that you coordinate well with your septic expert so that hydrogen peroxide could be safely used on your raised mound.

This chemical compound is usually overlooked and is actually part of everyday life. Many women never leave without this in their bags when their periods come. With hydrogen peroxide, blood stains could be easily and instantly removed. Large industries use pure hydrogen peroxide to disinfect their equipment and vicinities because it is low-priced and could easily be stored in bulk. H2O2 can also be purchases at 3% in 97% water. With such a weak concentration, this could be safely used inside the home. But there are others stores that have 30-35% hydrogen peroxide as well. Hydrogen peroxide can be purchased in large amounts and stored in your home just makes sure that the storage area is away from pets or children. The following are some other uses of hydrogen peroxide that you may already be familiar with:

Remove stains or spots with hydrogen peroxide. You could also soak your whites to improve the level of whiteness.

  1. Kitchen areas and components could be thoroughly sanitized after washing with hydrogen peroxide. Pathogens like Salmonella will definitely be eradicated.
  2. Lighten your hair color gradually with hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Remove toxic mold from your home with this chemical compound.
  4. Disinfect and clean any surface by wiping or spraying hydrogen peroxide on them.
  5. Bathroom areas and components could also be disinfected without harming the leach fields. Just dilute the chemical compound with equal amounts of water.
  6. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash for ten minutes everyday to eliminate bacteria and whiten teeth. But do not prolong this habit because it will result to cell damage of the oral cavity and degradation of the surface of your teeth.
  7. You could also soak your vegetables and meat in hydrogen peroxide to get rid of chemical residues, dirt, and bacteria before you cook them.

Hydrogen peroxide is safe to use on your leach fields just as long as you have your septic expert use it in proper concentrations so that it may only target the harmful bacteria and not the resident bacteria. In the process, the disarming leach field odors could be eliminated as well. We hope this article helped the reader to better understand the age old question of will hydrogen peroxide harm raised mounds as well as the effects on our systems.