How to locate your raised mound

How to locate your raised mound septic system is the subject of this article. Grumpy was the word to describe you that morning. You didn’t have the mood to work or interact positively with anyone at all. Your wife tried her best to cheer you up. She prepared your favorite breakfast of sausages, pancakes, and freshly-brewed coffee that morning. She even prepared your lunch of roasted chicken, gravy, creamy mashed potatoes, and mixed buttered vegetables for your lunch. She even sneaked in two brownies for your dessert. Even a sweet goodbye kiss barely brightened your day. The new headache of the day was how to locate your raised mound.

When you packed everything in your truck and got ready for work, you tried to smile at your concerned wife. You couldn’t seem to figure out why you felt this way so early in the morning. You had everything—a beautiful, loving wife; kids in high school; and a promising job as a septic expert. You heaved a heavy sigh and just thought that it was just a middle-aged crisis of some sort. You started your engine and then rolled off to your first house. In the back of your mind all you could think about was how to locate your raised mound.

As you unpacked your equipment, a small boy with a small puppy tugged on your shirt. It was the homeowner’s youngest son. You have known the families for more than ten years and you have always chatted with the children every time you treated their raised mound system. The little boy wanted you to join him and play with his puppy because everyone was out of the house except for his older sister, who was busy cooking and blogging at the same time. The family treated you as one of the members of the family already so the little boy was like a son to you. Your children were already teenagers so it felt good to have an attachment to a boy his age.

The first thing that the little boy asked you was what your job was. In the simplest possible way, you explained that you cleaned up septic systems of every type. That day, you told him that you were supposed to clean and treat their raised mound system. It was a very dirty job to do but you were the best guy to do it. You told him that the raised mound is just like other septic systems but only raised or elevated. It was more sensitive because it was more exposed to the elements. There has to be a construction fabric that lines the mound so that it would be protected from extremely cold weather. How to locate your raised mound was very confusing. But like the ordinary septic system underground, it also has a tank that should be pumped out and treated regularly. This has to be done to make sure that the wastewater treatment runs smoothly.

The little boy suddenly asked how you could locate the raised mound. You told him that to find a raised mound was quite easy. It is a septic system that is raised or above the surface so a mound in a property could tell you what septic system it has. You told him that if he wanted to be sure, he could consult the blueprint of the property and even the environmental department to know where the raised mound was installed. But the best way to know its location is through the guidance of a septic expert like you. The dry grass or the soggy grass could even tell you where the raised mound really is. The dry grass among the green grass in the yard would tell you that the raised mound was functioning well. The soggy grass would tell you that the raised mound was failing, backing up, or clogged.

When it was already time for you to work, you told the little boy to step inside the house first and just watch you through the kitchen window. You told him that the smells won’t be pleasant so it would be better for him and the puppy to stay far away from you. You promised to play with him one time when he was not working and after you figured out how to locate your raised mound. After treating the raised mound, you cleaned up at the side of the house and just called out to the owner’s daughter. She gave you your pay and even gave you her freshly set cheesecake to bring home. You waved at the little boy and winked at him as you drove off. You had a big smile on your face as you now knew how to locate your raised mound.