Toilets backing up from raised mound

This article is going to touch base on what to do when toilets backing up from raised mound systems became a problem. Your green Amazon parrot greeted you that morning. You stared at your companion with an irritated look because you definitely didn’t want to be reminded of that terrible incident that happened just last week. It was only you and your parrot when it started. The toilets in your home were backing up from the raised mound. You could still remember everything vividly.

It was a Sunday morning. You were supposed to go out early for your early morning bike ride to the park. Of course, you had to do your morning ceremonies first before you headed out. Just outside your bathroom, a strange smell greeted you. Are the toilets backing up from raised mound?   

When you entered the bathroom to check out the source, you were horrified. The wastewater from the raised mound was backing up into your toilet. The same thing happened to the drains and the other toilets in your house.  It was like waking up in another world. At first, you panicked a bit and started to use your plunger on the toilets. When you realized that it wasn’t working. You stopped, took your parrot out, and breathed clean air.

With your cellular phone, you dialed your septic expert and told him what happened. After half an hour, he arrived in his work truck. He said that the problem was definitely in the raised mound. When he brought out the pump out and monthly schedule logs, you failed to adhere to them. It was just a very busy time for you. You just got promoted and there were so many demands and expectations that you totally neglected your home, most especially your raised mound. Your housekeeper didn’t know about your septic system so you couldn’t possibly blame her for that.

The septic expert went to work immediately. He suggested that you stayed in a local inn for a while until everything was taken care of. The smells were very detrimental to one’s health so the house should not be inhabited until the air was cleared. Your housekeeper oversaw the processes done while you went about your everyday routine. When it was all over, the housekeeper gave you the bill together with some reminders from your septic expert.

As you may already know, the raised mound is much like a conventional septic system but it is above the surface of the soil. It is exposed to the elements but underneath, it has parts that are similar to the septic system that you are used to. Bacteria are still the main players in the raised mound system. You have to make sure that these microorganisms are intact and are very healthy. This can be accomplished by using bacteria-friendly cleaning solutions and subjecting your raised mound to monthly treatments. It would also help your raised mound system if you have a dry well installed beside it for the collection and treatment of the grey water from the dishwasher and washing machine in your home. This would greatly lessen the water load of the raised mound and this would give the bacteria enough time to break down the solid wastes that enter the tank.

During the treatment of your raised mound, your green Amazon parrot kept on saying “Peeyew!” while she covered her nose. It was established that the entire backing up incident would be tagged by your parrot as that word or expression for the rest of your born days. A week after the backing up of the toilets from the raised mound, you have utterly convinced yourself that the worst was over. You even enlisted the help of your housekeeper to remind you of the raised mound system scheduled that were given by the septic expert. But even of everything was okay, your green parrot just developed the habit of saying “Peeyew!” every single morning whenever you pass by her cage. You just wouldn’t be able to erase that expression anymore. It was a really unforgettable event in your life. Toilets backing up from raised mound will never bother you again.