how to get rid of leach field bio-mat

There have been several occasions where people have questioned how to get rid of leach field bio-mat buildup. This article will try to address this question.  Archaeology was your first love. You have always been fascinated by old relics and ancient tombs since you were a child. You fed on documentaries and movies with the theme of ancient history. It didn’t matter what country it was as long as the things to discover were ancient. When you went to the beach, you always kept an eye out for strange and unique shells, rocks, or pieces of wood. To you, these were treasures to keep for the rest of your life. When you get older, you started to collect ancient and rare coins, pens, and pots. It was pretty much like antique hunting but deep inside, you just wanted to have a picture of how things were thousands of years before. When you got your degree, you were decided to spend the rest of your life exploring what the past has left behind. It was a good thing that your university funded expeditions and your professor always recommended you to be added to the team.

Years of travel began to take a toll on your body, you weren’t getting any younger and you started thinking about building a family of your own. It was fun being single and successful but there came a pint when you had to draw a line. Partying started to get boring. You wanted a relationship that lasted more than two weeks, pretty much more of a lifetime. You wanted your own kids to raise and think about. This was when you told your mentor that you needed a break from expeditions for a while. He understood you and supported you. He even wanted to be at your wedding someday. You thanked him and promised him that he would be back. In order to fulfill your dream, you knew that you needed to have your own house. It was not a promising thing for the head of the family to be successful and yet rent an apartment. It would be quite strange to even think about.

A friend helped you choose the ideal place for your house. It was a place that was near a lake. The trees and surrounding plants were beautiful. It was perfect. You had a girlfriend back then but she didn’t have an idea that you left the team and that you were planning to have a family. She didn’t have an idea that you were about to propose to her. But it happened during a special romantic dinner that you prepared at your favorite restaurant. Violins played, wine served, and the proposal made. You both went home happy and ready for the next level. You knew that you had to take the construction of your home very seriously. It was to be your nest so you had to make sure that everything was in place. The primary thing that you considered was the septic system. You called the area septic expert to fill you in on what to do just in case there is a buildup of bio-mat and how to get rid of leach field bio-mat buildup:

  1. Prevention is the best way to counter bio-mat accumulation. To do this, you have to make sure that you do not dump solid, non-biodegradable wastes into drains, toilets, and sinks. You also have to lessen the water load in the septic system to prevent the solid wastes from entering the leach field. This can be done by using water sparingly and by building a dry well beside the septic system. When the solid wastes enter the leach field, the bio-mat thickens and this will be a cause for the septic system to malfunction. You should also keep the treatment and pump out schedules to keep the bio-mat at bay.
  2. When all is done and the leach field is still clogged up, the last resort would be to dig up the leach field and replace it. This is considered as the most expensive means to get rid of the bio-mat buildup. It would definitely leave your budget heavily dented if this would be the case.

Your quick lesson went well and after that, the construction of your dream home started. Excavation again took place in your domain. But this time, you’re excavating to mark the start of your own history you knew how to get rid of leach field bio-mat buildup.