How deep below the surface is my cesspool lid?

In a family of architects and interior designers, it is pretty hard to keep up especially when you are pressured to be more of an achiever than any of your family members. Just because you were the youngest, you were often coaxed into projects that are more challenging. Also, the older members of the family wanted to hone your skills with the hardest tasks in the field so that you may be able to conquer every kind of project that would be assigned to you. You appreciated their trust and confidence in you but there were times when it all seemed to overwhelming already. Then without notice your brother asks you a question, how deep below the surface is my cesspool lid?

When you had the chance to construct your own home, you wanted to make sure that you did everything. You even tried your hand at the more technical stuff like plumbing and electrical. You wanted to be an architect who was versatile s that you may be able to verse every aspect of the construction. You wanted to know your home very well. This includes the cesspool. The cesspool may not be the most beautiful part to focus on but it is definitely one of the most important components.

The cesspool is your household’s personal wastewater treatment system. It is the part of your home that is responsible for keeping your household healthy. Through the cesspool, the wastewater is treated and filtered before the resulting effluent is returned to the surrounding environment. The cesspool is much like the conventional septic system. It doesn’t have an outflow pipe that distributes the treated effluent but it has holes on its sides through which the pre-treated effluent disperses in to the soil absorption system.

Your septic expert told you that you should know the exact location of your cesspool’s lid. The main reason behind this is the better level of maintenance that you would be able to provide your system. If you have quick and easy access to your cesspool lid, you will be able to do some personal inspection that you could add to the formal inspection that your septic expert would eventually make. But how deep below the surface is my cesspool lid? You asked yourself.

This is a common question among homeowners. The cesspool lid’s depth actually depends on how deep the cesspool was installed in your property. It also depends on the incline of the property and the water table of the property. It is common for the cesspool lid to be up to 5 feet deep. It is usually found near the edge of the cesspool, which is about 6 feet in width. To find out where to start measuring the depth of your cesspool lid, you have to follow the following steps:

1. Follow the pipes that exit from your house. Start from the basement.

2. Measure about 10-20 feet from your house to get to your cesspool.

3. A 5-foot steel probe will help you assess the actual depth of the cesspool lid. You push the probe into the soil. Carefully do this to avoid puncturing and damaging the cesspool itself.

It is one of the homeowner’s challenges to locate the cesspool and the cesspool lid. It is no surprise for them to have absolutely no idea what condition their cesspool really is. But in your case, you wanted to be different. You wanted to be well-rounded in owning a house as well. You were the only one in the family who wasn’t squeamish about the cesspool and its contents. You even asked your septic expert about the entire process of that goes on in the cesspool.

When your cesspool’s lid was located, you were very confident that you would be able to keep your cesspool well-maintained for decades. You were already confident that you would be able to handle your new home properly, probably better than anyone else in your family. Hopefully, you would be able to maintain the diligence of effectively inspecting your cesspool. Now you know the question to, how deep below the surface is my cesspool lid?