Toilets backing up from cesspit

Toilets backing up from cesspit were a common occurrence.  You had a terrible nightmare. The nightmare was about the crisis that you had half a year ago, wherein your toilets backed up from your cesspit. It was a very vivid dream. It reminded you of how disgusting and health hazardous the situation was. You told yourself then that it would never happen again. It was a terrible thought if you and your family would wake up to a smelly house filled with septic odors because the toilets were backing up again.

The bathroom smelled of potpourri. It was just the way you liked it. The smell completely lighted up your day and made you very eager to spend the weekend with your family. You were supposed to go to the zoo that day. It was great weather for that. The sun shone brightly and the sky was blue. It was really an order for you and your family to spend the day out. It has been a year since you went there and there were added attractions already. But before you left, you made sure that there would be no cesspit surprises when you got back so you checked the cesspit first. It was at a normal level so after you washed up, you and your family went straight to the zoo.

The local zoo was a tourist spot and a family retreat. You could interact with the animals and even take pictures with them. The big cats could be seen behind glass and not bars so it was a much better experience for the guests. There were snack bars, restaurants, and souvenir stores that were found at the lounge area. You decided to have lunch at the Wild Eating restaurant. It didn’t have a washroom so you had to take your son to the nearest washroom area. You were just about to enter when the custodian posted a sign at the door saying that the toilets were backing up from the cesspit. He directed you to the next washroom area just around the corner.

It was always a devastating thing for anyone to discover that the toilets do backup because of the cesspit. The cesspit is the wastewater treatment facility of any home or establishment that preferred it. The zoo used separate cesspits for each washroom area. It was a good thing that they did that so the entire place would not be affected. The custodian contacted the septic expert and after a few minutes, he was there. You overheard the septic expert tell the custodian that the backing up of the toilets resulted from the disposal of too many non-biodegradable materials such as non-biodegradable tissue, sanitary napkins, diapers, tampons, and even plastic containers. The custodian went to the office to write a report on what happened and asked his assistant to make signs for all the washrooms that would remind the guests to use the toilets properly. The zoo’s septic expert recommended installing an extra cesspit for each of the washroom areas and dry wells for the laundry areas of the zoo. This would definitely lessen the possibility of toilets backing up from the cesspit again or even a cesspit failure.

You and your son went back to the Wild Eating restaurant with cotton candy in hand. You were very relieved that your household was already safe from any form of cesspit problems. You definitely wouldn’t want such a nightmare to happen to you. The zoo’s cesspit was bound to be in trouble with such irresponsible guests that used the facilities. They should be stricter with the cleanliness. You can have fun while being responsible with your trash, right? Toilets are not trash cans. They do not magically place your diapers, napkins, etc. into dry trash bins underneath the ground. If everyone knew this, cesspits would last longer and serve facilities and homes longer. Toilets backing up from cesspit was never again going to be an issue.