Country club grease trap elimination

This article will cover country club grease trap elimination. This is the quote that’s usually associated with those who have million-dollar salaries or inheritances. These people have various charities and businesses that they do not have time to mingle anymore. This is why they choose to be included in an exclusive club that caters to all their needs and wants without ever leaving the country. The United States has a lot of country clubs. They are built on private land in the countryside, far from the hectic schedules and hype of the city life. These rich members need to get away without compromising their busy schedules for the entire month. They won’t be able to leave the country for a vacation on short notice so they opt to rest at their country club. These specially designed venues have catered events, bars, and restaurants that the members could enjoy. They could wallow in every cuisine that they want without travelling that far or spending that much money. Of course, membership fees in these clubs aren’t cheap. In effect, the service isn’t mediocre as well. Because of the frequency of meal production in country clubs, the US government has considered these establishments as very significant contributors to the FOG (fats, oils, grease) crisis in the country.

FOG is the result of food processing or production because food is made up of plant and animal fats. It’s only natural for the FOG levels in country clubs to overflow. But even if the overflow is expected, the government, with the cooperation of the club owners , should help in resolving the FOG problem. With this, the grease ordinance has been issued. It mandates the club owners to install and maintain grease traps in their kitchen areas. The grease trap experts in the locality should be hired to help establish a regular pump out schedule for the said grease traps. The pump outs are essential in maintaining a low FOG level. They should never be excluded from grease trap care. Country club grease trap elimination could only be successful if the pump outs are supplemented by the right additives. Additive manufacturers have long swayed many country club owners into believing that their chemical and enzyme products will bring about a pump out free grease trap. Such exaggerated and compelling promises have made the club owners invest in huge supplies of these additives so that they can be sure to eradicate the FOG from their traps. But eventually, they discover that that the additives they purchased only aggravated the situation because the chemicals and enzymes merely emulsified the FOG. It looked like the FOG was dissolved but it’s only made easier to combine with the raw effluent. In the sewer lines, the FOG solidifies and sticks to the inner walls of the pipes. It hardens like cement and blocks the normal flow of wastewater towards the treatment plant. The wastewater then backs up into the country club’s million-dollar facilities and damages everything. Health problems also arise. The chemicals and enzymes turn out to be very bad for the country club grease traps and the surrounding environment.

For country club grease trap elimination, bacteria-based additives should be the only ones used. They are natural helpers in getting rid of FOG because they consume it for survival. The grease trap is a perfect environment for them to thrive in because of the right temperature, the right pH, and the abundance of food. When they get the job done, they leave the grease trap odorless as well. The surrounding water systems and clean water supply will not be contaminated because they do not have any chemicals to pollute with. Bacteria should always be applied in the grease trap to keep the FOG levels low. Proper disposal of grease should also be implemented in the country club kitchens for grease elimination to be much faster. It will take effort and full cooperation from the country club management and employees for this endeavor to be successful.