Casino grease trap cleaning

This article will cover casino grease trap cleaning. Money seems to be perceived as the physical proof of success. Not many get to earn that much money in his or her lifetime especially with the economy in peril. The United States is a country of great promise, so of course, it has many opportunities to make money or win money. Businesses have invested on establishments like casinos to help Americans move up a little in terms of finances. Winning in casinos is a big thing because it isn’t easy to earn a dollar in this recession. You have to have enough money to bet with when you try your luck at casinos. If ever you chance upon a city that has a casino, it would be a total loss if you didn’t try winning anything.

Casinos are places of temptation. It has women, money, amenities, and food. These days, casino owners do their best in making sure that their clients stay for as long as they could. This means that they exert effort in providing every form of comfort to their guests. One of the basic things that have to be regularly given is food. In today’s casinos, food makes up a large percentage of the guest’s decision on where to stay. The casino resort should have every cuisine that guests could be looking for. The casino owners also make sure that the amount of food is phenomenal especially when they offer buffet or eat-all-you-can for a fixed amount. When casinos offer this type of dining, you will expect large areas dedicated to desserts, seafood, meats, and so on. This puts a lot of pressure to the kitchen personnel who make sure that every area is filled to the brim for the guests.

More food means more FOG (fats, oils, grease). This has already alarmed the US government because casinos are huge contributors to the number of FOG overflow incidents and therefore to the worsening of the FOG crisis. To serve as a mode of solution, the grease ordinance was created. This set of rules mandates the casino owners to have grease traps installed in their premises so that FOG could be regulated. Maintenance of these grease traps should also be done as part of the mandate. Casino grease trap cleaning starts off with a regular pump out schedule arranged with the local grease trap expert. This should always be kept so that the FOG can be monitored and kept at a low level. Next would be making sure that the right additive is used in casino grease trap cleaning.

Additives could either be inorganic and organic. The chemicals and enzymes are classified as inorganic additives that only make things worse with regard to the FOG situation. They only emulsify the FOG in the grease trap and not completely eliminate it. The FOG combines easily with the raw effluent and solidifies in the sewer lines. It sticks to the inner walls of the pipelines and harden there until a think blockage is formed. The raw wastewater then backs up into the casino and surrounding areas. Sanitation is then questioned in such venues. There may also ne incidents wherein electrocution is experienced by those who have stepped in areas where the power sources are very close to the floor.

Another method in casino grease trap cleaning would be the manual collection of grease materials in the kitchen areas. The personnel there could collect the grease and place them in leak-proof containers that could be sealed tightly during disposal. Strainers or meshes should be fitted into the drains of the sinks used for washing. The most important element in casino grease trap cleaning would be the use of bacteria in getting rid of the FOG in the trap. These are microorganisms that are all-natural and organic. They are voracious eaters that eliminate every bit of grease particle including the foul smells. It would certainly be advantageous to the owners if they use bacteria regularly in casino grease trap cleaning because they will save up on pump outs as well.