How much does it cost to have a raised mound pumped?

Having a raised mound for a septic system can be very taxing for most homeowners. The focus of this article is to determine how much does it cost to have a raised mound pumped? Sometimes, they do regret choosing a place that has a high water table and a type of soil that only a raised mound could complement. The raised mound is as dependable as a regular septic system. When you have your heart set on a conventional septic system that is just hidden underneath your property, you become disheartened by a mound system that is raised above the surface of the soil can be off-putting and unappetizing to discuss.

Well, if you really are an ideal homeowner, you should see to it that even if you have a sensitive raised mound system, you never fail to take good care of it. The raised mound is said to be extra sensitive because of the fact that it is elevated and exposed to the elements. This is why a construction fabric is placed over the raised mound system before the thin layer of topsoil. The construction fabric regulates the temperature inside the raised mound system. It traps the heat form the bacterial metabolism. The heat needs to be trapped to keep the system flowing smoothly. You should make sure that the construction fabric is checked before winter comes. If the fabric is deteriorated before snow comes in, you should replace it already.

One of the best ways to maintain the raised mound system is to have it pumped out. The raised mound has a tank where the wastewater stays for a while to be pre-treated. Here, the solid waste materials are broken down. This component of the raised mound system needs to be pumped out so that the sludge won’t get dispersed into the soil absorption system and cause blockages. But how much does it cost to have a raised mound pumped?

Some homeowners think that pumping out their raised mound is a very tedious and costly effort. This may be brought about by others who didn’t have good pump out experience. The actual cost of a raised mound pump out depends on the number of household members and the extra services that will be given by the septic expert. For a household that has 2 members, a pump out of every 3 years should be administered; for a household of up to 5 members, the pump out should be every 2 years; and for a 6 or more-member household, it is best to have a yearly pump out. Basically, an amount between 75 and 200 USD is paid for raised mound pump outs. But there are certain areas that charge 300 USD. It is better for you to set aside a budget exclusively for raised mound pump outs so that you won’t find it heavy on the pocket.

You should exert effort in finding a credible septic professional that will perform the pump out properly. There should be a proper and thorough inspection before the pump out. The soil absorption system should be well checked for the presence of heavy footprints or tire marks that may have caused soil compaction and damage to the raised mound already. The raised mound’s contents should also be inspected to see of harmful chemicals are used and the bacteria are dwindling. After the pump out session, the septic expert should give a report with some recommendations on what to do to prevent a malfunction in your raised mound system. It should not be a pump out and go type of service.

The raised mound system is a sensitive system that should be well-taken care of. You should consult the local health department to refer credible septic professionals that could give you quality service for the price that is set. Maintaining your raised mound should not be very stressful to you. Once you found the right professional, you could already relax. Following a regular raised mound pump out is much better than spending up to 30,000 USD in repairs or raised mound replacement. How much does it cost to have a raised mound pumped? Pump out your system on a regular basis and remember to ask you’re your septic professional how much does it cost to have a raised mound pumped?