Apartment complex building grease trap elimination

This article will cover apartment complex building grease trap elimination solutions. Apartment complex residents find it very convenient and practical to live in their units. Every apartment unit is very livable with ample space and is very easy to clean. Even if you know that there are several of you on one floor, you are secure in the thought that everyone is looking out for each other. Apartment complexes are small communities that expand vertically—more floors, more residents. With such an indispensable facility, it is hard to accept that the apartment complex is one of the main causes of FOG overflow in the United States. But under a microscope, it is very possible.

Each unit in an apartment complex is equipped with bathrooms and kitchens. FOG (fats, oils, grease) are excreted through human waste but head-spinning amounts of FOG are dumped through the kitchen sink. To manage the grease material that exits the apartment complex, a large grease trap is installed outside the building, underground. Every facility that produces or prepares food is required to have a grease trap that will keep the grease and solid wastes from mixing with the wastewater or grey water. But because all the residents prepare food several times a day, the grease trap gets too overwhelmed with FOG and solid wastes even if the administration follows the pumping out schedule.

The FOG accumulates too fast even before the grease trap gets the chance to be pumped out and cleaned. Apartment complex administrations often pay up large amounts of money as penalty for FOG overflow. They also face lawsuits because of this problem. There should definitely be an apartment complex building grease trap elimination that’s more effective and should involve the residents in the apartment complex.

Under normal conditions, grease and solid waste materials get separated from the wastewater in the grease trap. The grease solidifies and floats on top of the wastewater and the solids sink to the bottom, allowing the untreated effluent to pass through the sewer lines without any other extra baggage until it gets to the wastewater treatment facility in the area. Perhaps many residents aren’t aware that the garbage disposal only grinds up everything. It doesn’t change the composition of the FOG that enters the kitchen drain. With this, more FOG enters the grease trap and overflows beyond the limit set by the state.

When the FOG overflows and mixes with the wastewater in the sewer pipes, the FOG cools down and solidifies. It then sticks to the walls of the sewer pipes and eventually blocks the wastewater from flowing towards the wastewater treatment facility. Instead, the wastewater that’s laced with FOG backs up into the apartment complex and overflows onto the surrounding bodies of water. Environmental problems such as pollution and eutrophication come about. Infections alter the present health conditions of animals and people within the vicinity. This is why there should be complete cooperation among the residents in the apartment complex. A significant elimination in FOG should be made possible.

Apartment complex building grease trap elimination should be an effort shared by everyone in the building. This starts with food preparation. Any amount of grease that’s not needed in preparing food or comes out as a by-product of the food prepared should be placed in a jar, sealed, and thrown away with the regular trash. Before the dishes and utensils are washed, the solid food materials and grease should be scraped off manually. Filters should also be attached to the drains in the sink. These practices should help eliminate a significant amount of FOG that gets into the grease trap.

The most important helpers in apartment complex grease trap elimination are the non-pathogenic bacteria. Using the, to eliminate the FOG and solid wastes in the grease trap is called bioremediation. Because bacteria are all-natural, they do not pollute the environment or cause health issues. They even remove the bad odors in drains and pipes. With the help of bacteria, apartment complex building grease trap elimination becomes more potent.