My sand mound failed within weeks of moving into our new home!

The high of getting your own home was a very weird feeling. An international real estate company picked you from billions of potential homeowners to become the latest winner of a brand new house and lot on a lakeside property. The company’s promo and PR manager paid you a visit to confirm everything and make you sign the documents. The company’s prom and PR manager said that kind of draw was only made every five years so it was a very special moment for you. He told you that he would come back the next week to help you move into your new house. The documents contained the website and the photos of the new house that you won. It was near a school, a hospital, a mall, and a park. It was even close to where you were working so you would definitely save up on gas. You were able to get a nanny for your daughter while you worked. Everything was going smoothly. Nothing could possibly rain on your sunny parade. Help! My sand mound failed within weeks of moving into new home 

Weeks after you and your daughter moved in, a problem emerged. Panic struck you as you called the septic expert in the area. Help! My sand mound failed within weeks of moving into our new home! The urgency presented itself and within minutes, the septic expert arrived. You didn’t know what to do in this kind of crisis. A sand mound was not even familiar to you. How could this kind of problem happen?

The septic expert gave you the following possible reasons: 

  1. The gutter could have always been directed onto the sand mound and excessive amounts of rainwater could have entered the sand mound, causing an overflow and subsequent failure of the system. Because of the increased water load, the bacteria in the sand mound tank would not have the decomposing power needed for the solid wastes.
  2. There might have been woody roots that invaded the sand mound area and caused damage and obstruction and failure in the system.
  3. The sand mound may not have been given treatments before you moved in. There might have been a previous inhabitant to test the facilities and failed to abide by the scheduled pump out and treatments required.
  4. There might have been a heavy usage of antibacterial solutions or harsh chemicals. These substances enter the sand mound through the drains, toilets, and sinks and kill off the bacteria that degrade the solid wastes that enter the sand mound through the wastewater.
  5. An increase in water load also may have been caused by additional grey water brought in by the washing machine or dishwasher.
  6. There may have been construction and vehicles placed over the sand mound that caused damage to the sand mound’s components.
  7. The sand mound system may not have been thoroughly inspected by a full fledged septic contractor that was why certain problems were not attended to and remedied before the actual move of the winner.
  8. The sand mound system may not have been used and maintained for years and had problems with the mechanism once it was used.  Damages could have been caused by the elements such as rain or snow. 

It was a much unexpected problem for you to deal with. You called up the promo and PR manager to help you with the dilemma and in just under an hour, he came with a check that would cover all the necessary expenses and also for the trouble that the sand mound failure caused you. It was a hefty amount that would definitely help you and your daughter. 

Before the septic expert left, he gave you a schedule for pump outs and treatments that you should prepare for and adhere to so that you may avoid this kind of problem from happening again. The house was a great help for you and for your child’s future. It was definitely a blessing so it was only right for you to take care of it. My sand mound failed within weeks of moving into our new home was never an issue again.