Retirement home grease trap maintenance

Retirement home grease trap maintenance and you:  There are many facilities and establishments that cater to the needs of people when they reach retirement age. From restaurants to transportation, discounts are given so that the elderly could afford getting from one place to another easily. There are even low-priced apartments for those who can still live independently, away from institutions such as retirement homes. But when retirees find it difficult to live alone, especially when they develop certain medical conditions, retirement homes are the places to which they turn. Here, they get complete medical care. It’s not boring to stay in an institution as such any longer! Retirement homes these days have a myriad of features to offer and make the retiree’s stay there very pleasant.

Some homes stick with the conventional hospital setting wherein residents are accommodated in wards by group or in individual rooms if they prefer to or if they can afford to. Others are structured like residential compounds where the retirees have privacy and could have their relatives or friends stay for a time when they come over for a visit. There are also those that are built like apartments where everyone resides in a single building but in different residential units. It is important for retirement homes to encourage independent living. This is the stage of development wherein they want to feel that they can still do things on their own or that they are still needed. This is why independence
is fostered and encouraged in such institutions. Retirement homes see to it that the retirees are fulfilled in every way. They even allow relationships to blossom.

Food, medical care, and shelter are the basic needs provided for the retirees. Whether there’s a kitchen that provides food for the entire population or the retirees choose to
prepare their own meals, food is still being prepared in retirement homes. It should be regularly provided so that the nutritional needs of the residents are met. It’s common knowledge that retirees already have some medical conditions that they should take into consideration. Nevertheless, their diet still contains FOG (fats, oils, grease) which comes from animals and plants. Retirement homes are increasing in number because of the life expectancy in the Unites States is getting longer. This is brought about by new
breakthroughs in medical technology. Many health issues are already being corrected much faster than before. More effective medical practices are already available to the elderly so they have a better chance to improve their quality of life.

Part of improving the retirees’ quality of life is to make sure that the living space is sanitary and healthy. There is no room for contamination in a retirement home. Elderly people have compromised or weak immune systems. They could easily contract various diseases or medical conditions. If ever they do get sick or injured, it takes much longer for them to recover. Retirement home grease trap maintenance should be performed so as to make sure that the FOG (fats, oils, grease) does not reach the wastewater treatment system. When FOG mixes into the untreated wastewater, there is already FOG overflow. Even if there is a limit to the amount of FOG that’s acceptable, the mixing itself should be prevented.

Proper retirement home grease trap maintenance should be led by those who work in the kitchen since this is one part of the home that produced most of the FOG. Here,
strainers or meshes should be fitted into the drains so that the pieces or grease and solid wastes are prevented from entering the grease trap. Collecting the grease manually and placing it in a sealable vessel before disposing is also a good practice.

The most practical method is to use bacteria in retirement home grease trap maintenance. Bacteria eat up or break down the FOG and solid wastes completely, leaving no trace of FOG or odor in the grease trap. They also leave the environment safe and free of contaminants. When bacteria are used in retirement home grease trap maintenance, there will be no FOG overflows, large fines, expensive cleaning bills, and lawsuits to deal with.