Leach field safe dishwasher detergents

This article will cover leach field safe dishwasher detergents and the effects that they have on a septic system.  When your wedding anniversary came, you just couldn’t seem to contain yourself. Your husband always knew when to surprise you with something he always knew you wanted or needed. You didn’t complain about anything but somehow, he always sensed your needs and wants. It was probably because of the sparkle in your eyes when you go out shopping.

As you opened his present to you, your heart jumped with joy! It was the dishwasher that you’ve always wanted. The next day, the septic expert came and helped your husband install it. He said that he connected it to the septic system because you didn’t have a dry well yet. Then it dawned on you. Do you have to start buying regular dishwashing detergents or those that have special considerations?

The leach field is where the final stage of wastewater treatment takes place. Here, the aerobic bacteria break down the small traces of solid waste left in the effluent. Then the bio-mat filters the effluent, ridding it of pathogens and pollutants. The aerobic bacteria regulate the bio-mat thickness by consuming it. This way, the bio-mat in the leach field does not thick enough to block the area. Through the leach field components such as the trenches, lateral lines, and the distribution box, the treated effluent is returned to the surrounding environment in a safe form.

The septic expert told you that you should get the leach field safe dishwasher detergents. But how would you know that what you get would be the real thing?

Technically, all dishwasher detergents are safe for the entire septic including the leach field. This is because by the time the grey water reaches the septic tank, the dishwasher detergent is already very diluted. It won’t be able to harm the bacteria in the septic. The only problem is that the components of the dishwasher detergents pollute the surrounding environment. The water systems in your area suffer every time you use ordinary dishwasher detergents.

The components that you should be aware of when you select the right dishwasher detergents are those that are low in phosphates and surfactants. Phosphates bring forth a high increase in algal growth. When the algal population overwhelms the water system, the dissolved oxygen is diminished and every living organism in there dies. The water system is left as a dead zone. Surfactants incapacitate the gills of fishes found in those water systems, making them unable to absorb the dissolved oxygen. You should buy liquid dishwashing detergents that are concentrated so that only a small amount of surfactants and phosphates will enter the system.

If there is any harm to be brought to the leach field when you use your dishwasher, it would be the increased water load. A drastic increase in water load stirs up the sludge in the septic tank and then transfers the solid wastes into the leach field. The leach field gets clogged and eventually fails. It would even be more aggravating when you use the dishwasher or washing machine during heavy rains, and your rain gutter happens to drain over the leach field. The water load in this case would surely overwhelm the system and affect your leach field in so many detrimental ways. You just realized that you had to talk to your husband about the dry well installation soon.

Aside from these points, you should not forget to maintain the rest of the system by using it properly. The leach field is the end receiver of any neglect. To prevent the leach field and the rest of the system from going down when you start using your dishwasher, you should use your drains, toilets, and sinks the right way. It can be really confusing when you go to the septic store and scan the shelves for the leach field safe dishwasher detergents that you need. You could just ask your septic expert about what brands would be ideal.

Your dishwasher was installed for your comfort in doing the dishes. Help it stay that way and not an enemy you have to always be on guard for. This article has cover leach field safe dishwasher detergents and the effects that they have on a septic system. We hope it helped.