Do garbage disposals harm sand mounds?

Do garbage disposals harm sand mounds is a question homeowners have been asking for years. Every single morning, you often wonder why things are very complicated in your life. It all started when you first stepped into the world of formal learning. You weren’t exactly the crowd favorite or the class standout. Somehow, even the simplest of tasks were too difficult for you to accomplish. When you started earning a living, you always had to be the one assigned to the worst places. Even if you were a woman, you were told to cover war stories, hurricanes, and tsunami devastations. You often wished that you would be given some sort of a break. Your wish came true that month. Your boss gave you a month’s leave for having finished the documentary assignment in Kuala Lumpur. Finally, you had the time to do what you wanted to do.

You decided to finish working on your new house. You thought that you would only have a conventional septic system to take care of your wastewater but your septic expert said that you should have a sand mound. You have a garbage disposal unit already installed at home. Of course, the reason why you had it installed was because you intended to use it. After two weeks, everything was finished. But you still had a dilemma in your hands. Do garbage disposals harm sand mounds? You needed to clarify that it would not harm your sand mound. As you know, having a failed sand mound would mean hell for you.

A garbage disposal unit is an indispensable appliance to have in your home to ensure sanitation. It is the best way to dispose of your organic garbage without attracting pests and stray animals into your property. This way, diseases and accidents can be prevented. Organic garbage such as table scraps and food trimmings rot or decompose in the garbage bin. As you know, decomposition makes way for other processes as well such as fermentation and scavenging especially by insects that we can’t easily ward off. It would really be a plus to your household’s health if you use your garbage disposal.

The common dilemma that you share with the majority of homeowners in the USA is would activating your garbage disposal actually harm your sand mound system? As you know, the sand mound is your household’s wastewater treatment system. It should really be prioritized if any modifications in your home should be made. To give you mind peace about the nagging question, the answer is NO. Garbage disposal units increase the surface area of the organic garbage that you dump into it. This allows for easier decomposition because the garbage disposal has already changed the bigger particles to finer ones. When you keep the pump out and treatment schedules of your sand mound, there would definitely be no problem with having a functioning garbage disposal unit.

You have to see to it that you use your garbage disposal properly if your sand mound is to maintain its smooth run. Usually, some people see a garbage disposal unit as a garbage transformer that turns grease, oils, and non-biodegradable garbage into something that the sand mound’s bacteria would be able to break down immediately. When you dump these substances into the garbage disposal, they remain to be what they are. So if the sand mound is to survive a garbage disposal installation, then you should be conscious of what you put into your garbage disposal.

Your septic expert has even told you to check out the septic store for the garbage disposal additives that you can use. These additives have non-pathogenic bacteria that aid the resident bacteria break down the solid particles. This definitely gave you the peace of mind that you needed when you started to use that garbage disposal of yours. It was definitely the most fulfilling month in your entire life. The answer to, do garbage disposals harm sand mounds is yes they do if they are not used carefully.