Adventures of a Leach Field Treatment

You have never thought to have your leach field treated ever since you had the septic system installed. After all, you’re not even sure what the heck a leach field is let alone how to treat it? Your system has already served you for years already without maintaining it at all and it has always been tradition in your family to leave the septic system alone. But now, you regret how you have been careless in treating it. The biggest thing that you have ever done for your septic system was to drop a block of baker’s yeast in to the septic tank. That was it! For you it was the biggest load of treatment that you could ever do to your septic system. When you placed that block of yeast and closed the lid of your septic tank, you smiled, and never looked back. 

                Now, you wait for the septic professional in your area to arrive and help you with the crisis that you are having at home. It is slowly becoming a strenuous glitch in your relationship with your family and neighbors. You have denied the problem for a very long time but since there is nothing more that you can do to correct it; you’ve decided to follow your wife’s advice and call the septic expert at the soonest possible time. Being handy, you have long refused to pay for the septic service so you did your best in setting the drains straight whenever they backed up. This time, everything that you did before, doesn’t seem to take effect anymore. You know that you have to accept the fact that you have to spend some money already to give the proper care that your septic system has been denied all these years. 

                After a few more minutes of waiting, the septic expert arrives. He assesses the system and breaks the news that the leach field is severely failing and the septic tank is already overflowing. The main cause is the accumulated sludge in the septic tank. The resulting gunk paved the way for the biomat to proliferate. The aerobic bacteria in the leach field were overpowered by the anaerobic bacteria and were no longer able to purify the wastewater. Everything seemed to be connected to each other but the root of all these is your neglect in caring for your septic system. 

                The expert tells you that your leach field could still be restored by using a leach field treatment. The strongly advised leach field treatment is using non-pathogenic bacteria to get rid of all the sludge that has overtaken the septic tank and the leach field. It is an all-natural and a very safe leach field treatment so you don’t have to worry about its hazardous effects on your family or the environment. In using the leach field treatment, your household has to stop using antibacterial solutions or detergents to allow the introduced bacterial culture to do their job. It would be better to stop the excessive use of the septic system for a while. You could stop long showers, doing laundry in your home, or using the garbage disposal until the leach field becomes optimal again. It can be a bit of trouble for your household but these things should be done while using the leach field treatment. It is vital for the leach field to get back to normal function because once this component of the septic system fails, the entire system collapses performance wise. This means that you would have to spend thousands of dollars to buy and install a brand new septic system. 

                When everything was set straight again, you heaved a sigh a sigh of relief because there will no longer be an odorous, soggy morning for you and for your entire household. There will be no neighbor to complain about the odors coming from your yard anymore. It will definitely be a brand new septic perception for you this time. Just adhere to your pumping out and inspection responsibilities so that the same dilemma won’t happen again.